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Making corporate business travel trips and group tours fun, exciting, stress-free and, of course, affordable, Discovery Holidays is a name travel lovers, companies, institutions across India, trust. With 10 years of experience under our belt, we are one of the best travel agencies in Delhi & NCR & India, dedicated to deliver the finest of travel & tour experience to our clients.

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As the best India tour operators, Shatakshi Group- India assures to deliver you with astute precision an awesome travel experience that you have envisioned. 

From tickets booking to the end of the tour, on our quest to offer maximum convenience to all of you, we take care of everything from top to bottom. So no more hassles of connecting all the loose ends alone and no more spending extravagantly. With one of the best tour operators in India by your side, prep yourself up for the best of traveling or holidaying experience at the most competitive rates and we bet that you would be in love with the idea of holidaying and planning trips once you have chosen Shatakshi Group- India! So get in touch right now, we are ready to overwhelm you with our services!

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As one of the leading travel companies in India, we care for our customers.

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Why Choose Us As Your Tour Operators In India Over An Online Service?

The same reason why you would prefer an operator to transfer your calls or connect you to the right person in your bank as against an automated service, which tells you to press this number, followed by that. Nothing beats a human answering back!

Our tours and travels business has grown year on year even with the online portals around.

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