About Us


Who are we?

Shatakshi Group India is one of the fastest growing online travel portals in India, offering travellers an extensive selection of hotels, activities and travel services to meet every budget and activities of every kind at competitive rates. With over hundreds of thousands of hotel partners worldwide and a comprehensive offering of flight inventory made available on the website, travellers can book everything they need for a holiday – rooms to meet every budget, activities of every kind and travel services to complement.


Shatakshi Group India’s customer focus, innovation and operational excellence has not only tapped the existing market potential but has also created new markets through innovative packages. Its vast array of holiday services is taking holidaying to an entirely new level. A new age innovative holiday maker, SGI strives to make holidays a priority for every Indian.

Extraordinary Experiences

We understand exactly what a simple trip can mean to a person and that is why we have created specially curated travel packages to ensure that you can have the most memorable experience possible.

Whether you want to head out for a solo trip or travel with a bunch of like-minded people, Shatakshi Group- India,one of the best travel companies in India, has got you covered.

Our Core Values

We at Shatakshi Group -India understand that nowadays, travelling has become much more than just visiting a new destination. That is why each of our vacation packages offers you the respite that you anticipate from a holiday. As a well-informed traveller, it is only right to expect more from your travel company in India – we strive to ensure the same for our customers. It is no longer about only conveyance and accommodation. For those who enjoy travelling, the best travel packages are those which can offer them holistic holiday experiences. That is exactly what you get when you opt for the best travel company – Shatakshi Group-INDIA